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14th Edition


Best Indie Short 

Bella Y Cedro
Director: Joseph Galizia


Best Documentary 

Behind The Loom
Director: Heejoo Kim


Best Director & Best Producer 

Director: Hervine De Boodt


Best Script

Writer: Marc Castaldo


Best Actor


Raul Lopez & Manny Rey


Best Actress

Day 63

Amy Bury


Best Comedy

Fruit Loops
Director: Jack Judd


Best Horror

The Uninvited Guest
Director: Nikol Naumov


Best Sci-Fi

Perfect Way To Die
Director: Xingsheng Sun


Best Web/Series
Director: Roberto Sanchez


Best Music Video

After the Flood
Director: Yantra de Vilder


Best Animation 

Fragments The Animation
Director: Jabriel E Woodall


Best Experimental 
Psyche Obscura
Director: Craig Oty


Best Student Film 

Long Love
Director: Yan‘an Huang


Best Composer 

In The Between
Geoff Zanelli 

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