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Best Indie Short & Best Comedy:
Directors: Kate Robertson Pryor, David M. Weiss


Best Director & Best Cinematography: 
Pap's Manifesto
Directors: Chris Danuser, Casey Clark


Best Director:
Director: Maggie Levin


Best Documentary:
Countdown to Year Zero
Director Jane Velez-Mitchell


Honorable Mention Documentary:
Alaska Long Hunters
Director: Mark Rose


Best Unproduced Script:
Heavy Hitter
Writer: Liesel Galletly


Best Producer:
"My Train Leaves Tomorrow at 7 O'Clock"
Director: Konstantin Pivovar


Honorable Mention Indie Short & Best Short Film Actor:
Director: Maggie Levin


Best Short Film Actress:
Black Coffee
Starring: Charlotte Williams


Honorable Mention Comedy: 
The Affair
Director: Victor Leonidis


Best Horror: 
Thank You For Staying
Director: Ty Clancey


Best Indie Series:
By a Thread
Director Richy Ivy


Best Indie Music Video:
Wish We Were Older
Director: Patrick Shannon


Best Experimental: 
Director: Fred Neuen


Best Experimental Animation:
Directors: Margie Kelk, Lynne Slater


Honorable Mention Experimental:
Director: Kostiantyn Mishchenko


Best Student Film:
Director: Travis Patten

Best Canadian Student Film:
Room Service
Director: Junyeong Kim

Best Youth Actor:
Jacob C. Schultz 

Best Youth Actress:
Julia Orff
The Dirty Hands Man

Best Composer/Music in Film: 
Babylon: Ghetto, Renaissance, and Modern Oblivion
Jessica Gould

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